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Nobilis Rue Montorgueil Behang Collectie


Nobilis Rue Montorgueil Behang Collectie


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RUE MONTORGUEIL, a collection of wallpapers reminiscent of the great classics : Stripes, cane weave, panels and scrolls. A real wealth of prints ! Three stripes in succession: a wide stripe shadowed by a silver, gold or mother of pearl mesh, a very wide stripe on a silver, white, linen or color contrast iridescent stone background, and another colorful stripe with strong, bright chalk finishes. Cane weave with matt or delicately iridescent ink. A 3D perspective oblong design with gold, black or matt ink shadows. A classic and timeless panel design, a very decorative finish in glossy red, gray and white. Interlocking lace in a fifties style. A striking contrast of yellow and black or black and white.

Available in rolls of 70cm x 10m.


Behangpatronen in deze collectie zijn: Unis, Larges Rayures, Moyenne Rayure, Diamant, Canages, Lacets en  Grand H.


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