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Decor Walther Toiletborstel Mat Wit MK SBG Mikado Serie Decor Walther Dealer Luxury By Nature Amsterdam Decor Walther Toiletborstel Mikado Serie Decor Walther Dealer Luxury By Nature Amsterdam Decor Walther Sfeer Mikado Serie Decor Walther Dealer Luxury By Nature Amsterdam
Witte WC Borstel Decor Walther Mikado

Productnummer: MK SBG 0521450

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Witte WC Borstel Decor Walther Mikado: Luxe Badkameraccessoires 

Deze witte WC Borstel Decor Walther Mikado geeft uw badkamer een strakke en moderne uitstraling dankzij het slanke en minimalistiche design.

De witte WC borstel is afkomstig uit de 'Mikado' collectie, een serie van luxe badkameraccessoires en toilet garnituren van Decor Walther.

Perfect te combineren met de andere witte badkamer accessoires en toiletgarnituren van Decor Walther uit deze serie. 


  • Witte WC Borstel - Mikado   
  • Ook in chroom, mat edelstaal, mat zwart, en koper verkrijgbaar
  • Materiaal: Kunststof 
  • Ook als wand model verkrijgbaar
  • Afmetingen: H 40 x B 7 x D 7 cm 
  • Decor Walther badkameraccessoires hier verkrijgbaar 


Bijzondere eigenschappen Witte WC Borstel Decor Walther:

• Waterproof: het oppervlak kan niet worden aangestast door vocht
• 100% Hygienisch: blijft schoon en stain resistant, omdat de structuur niet poreus is 
Design: strak en minimalistisch design
• Eco-friendly: 100% recyclebaar

Filosofie achter Decor Walther 'discreet luxury'

Decor Walther has stood for quality bathroom furnishing such as lamps, mirrors and accessories for over four decades. It all began in 1973, in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, with a small specialist shop founded by Harald Walther. Today we are one of the leading suppliers in this sector, reaching far beyond Germany’s borders. Our company philosophy, which makes our products so unique on the international market, has evolved along with our company: Discreet luxury

These words sum up what sets us apart from the norm. Our quality and design express this most vividly. The aesthetic language of our products is neither overtly trendy, nor historicized or overloaded. It is best described as timeless, but in an understated way. Behind this term is a stylistic aware-ness that we have reached through our intensive and holistic approach.
Timeless beauty has a relaxing effect, never boring Isn’t that the perfect fit f or a bathroom? Isn’t that the expectation we bring into the bathroom: to relax ina pleasant surrounding? A place to refresh our body, spirit and soul. Beautiful. High quality. Down to the last detail.

The second dimension of our products is enduring quality. You can see and feel it. Quality has substance. The finishing reflects good craftsmanship and care. We have a select portfolio of nternational production partners. For the development and manufacturing of our new product ideas, we select the top experts of each field, depending on the material, be it metal, glass, porcelain or wood. The resulting products reflect this. Individual production processes make all the difference.

Our metal products, for example, are made mainly of brass. They are soldered, polished, galvanized and assembled by hand. This kind of manual production is very complex. The barely visible deviations that are characteristic of individual craftsmanship make all the difference. They are our discreet trademark, so to speak. Style that doesn’t end with the product itself.

Decor Walther's philosophy reaches perfection only through collaboration with exclusive business partners. Selected retailers, bathroom and furnishing contractors as well as architects transport the idea of discreet luxury into the bathrooms of their discerning clients worldwide.

Deze luxe witte WC Borstel en badkameraccessoires van Decor Walther zijn zowel online als in onze woonwinkel te 's-Graveland verkrijgbaar.

Luxe witte WC Borstel Decor Walther, hier verkrijgbaar!

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