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Eric Kuster Behang

Eric Kuster Behang: Metropolitan Luxury Wallcoverings

Eric Kuster behang is nu hier verkrijgbaar in onze behangwinkel te 's-Graveland: de Metropolitan Luxury Wallcoverings collectie!
Eric is een van de meest toonaangevende interieurdesigners van dit moment. Met interieurs die bekend staan om hun internationale uitstraling. Een deel van zijn geheim zit hem in de prachtige materialen die hij in zijn interieurs toepast: de Eric Kuster 'Metropolitan Luxury' Collection. Stoffen voor gordijnen, vitrages, in betweens, kussens en meubels. En volgend jaar breidt hij zijn collectie uit met behang, waaronder schitterend luxe raffia behang.

Luxury By Nature is exclusief dealer van Eric Kuster behang voor heel 's-Graveland en omgeving, maar we bedienen heel Nederland. In onze woonwinkel / interieur stoffenwinkel kunt u de collectie bekijken en u laten inspireren.

Dit behang wordt per strekkende (lengte / hoogte) meter verkocht. En is 90 cm breed. 
Afhankelijk van hoeveel u nodig hebt, ontvangt u één rol van de benodigde aantal meters, 90 cm breed. 

Het Eric Kuster behang bestaat uit natuurlijke materialen en wordt met de hand gemaakt. Dat maakt dat dit behang behalve zeer exclusief, ook kostbaar is. € 105,- per strekkende lengte meter.  



Natural materials form the basis of the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury wallcoverings. These connoisseur’s wallcoverings are beautiful and refined, calming and harmonising to the eye, having a positive effect on the resident’s balance. The material absorbs the room’s humidity and ventilates it slowly and evenly back into the room, preventing respiratory irritations as well as
other skin related irritations.

Because of the nature of the materials, colour and structure anomalies will occur, such as the uneven aspect and ‘blotchy’ spots of colour. Colours are not light fast creating a unparalleled patinated effect over a period of years, improving their decorative character. Obviously, these natural wallpapers are not recommended to customers looking for uniformity or a seamless wallcovering as produced by mechanical factories or industrial manufacturing plants.

Fibers and crafts: Natuurlijk Materialen

These natural fibers come from organic plants and are carefully chosen for their good quality, their beauty, their size and refined looks. They are washed in cold torrents and dried in the sunlight before being split amongst hand-weavers, using the same manual weaving looms from one generation to the other. According to traditional methods, the materials are spun into threads to be woven like fabrics. The excellent weaving process to produce one single roll lasts at least two days and the dyeing process is done by hand only. Some materials are dyed when threaded whilst others are dyed when stuck down onto the backing paper.

Hanging instructions

Check the product for quantity, colour and quality before you start. Cut and hang just three  sheets at first since some flaws do not become visible until after the paper has been hung and
dried completely. If you do find any faults, the Eric Kuster company can only accept complaints for a maximum of three lengths. 

Preparing the wall

Remove old wallpaper and loose plaster. Re-plaster uneven areas and rough surfaces. The hanging surface must be firm, dry, clean, smooth and lightly absorbent. Very absorbent surfaces should pre-treated with a sealant. Light colours require a similar coloured hanging surface. You can retouch the edge areas in a corresponding colour if using darker or stronger colours to achieve a more professional finish at the seam. We recommend applying a liner, hung edge-to-edge to create a good hanging surface.


Als Eric Kuster dealer en ervaring met behang adviseren wij om dit behang te laten plakken door een ervaren professionele behanger. Mocht u het toch zelf willen doen, hou dan rekening met de volgende behanginstructie:

Cut wallpaper to the desired length adding approx. 5 cm top and bottom for adjustments. Mark the top of the strips discretely. Do not drop the wallpaper and hang each piece in turn. Spread the paste evenly with a brush. Brush over once again if necessary once it has soaked in to ensure that the paste is absolutely even. As far as possible there should be only one sheet of wallpaper on the table at a time. Do not crease the paper and do not get any paste on the front.
Hang the sheets edge to edge and remove air bubbles with a wallpaper roller. Avoid draughts in the room during the drying process.

Eric Kuster behang is in onze behangwinkel te zien en te bestellen. 

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